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Dark Elven Maiden

Dark Elven Maiden

Welcome to DarkElves.org

DarkElves.org is your resource for the history and understanding of Dark Elves! We will be collecting and posting links and information about Dark Elves as fast as they can be found. In order to avoid copyright issues, DarkElves.org will be posting many links to information and media rather than directly hosting them.

DarkElves.org was founded and created by Lotus, an enthusiast of fantasy for many years. Lotus has always had an interest in fantasy, particularly Elves: “I really like Elves. I have always enjoyed their abilities and different way of looking at the world. Dark Elves very much appeal to me because of their intrigue, finesse, and blatant skills. I enjoyed Dark Elves even before I read the famous book series by R. A. Salvatore which chronicles the adventures of a Dark Elf on the surface of the world.” (Lotus)

Lotus has created several fantasy websites since he started writing HTML around 1994. His most successful to date has been Eilistraee.org, a website dedicated to a Dark Elven Goddess of many fantasy series: “Eilistraee always seemed to be the catalyst for the Dark Elves in Forgotten Realms, a fantasy world created for D&D. She was the only good Goddess in a pantheon of evil and vile Gods. She opposed the evil and challenged what was right and wrong, she being extremely chaotic. When her character was killed off in a novel I was totally taken back! It must have been how people felt when Sherlock Holms was killed (and later returned). I knew then that I should create Eilistraee.org provide information for D&D players and fantasy enthusiast for the future.” (Lotus)